The Small Wood Gasifier Project Website
This website is dedicated for those who would like to construct a small wood gasifier for a small engine project such as a small back-up power generator in the range of 2 KW up to 10 KW
Disclaimer: This is an open source website and you build a gasifier at your own risk! A wood gasifier is not a toy and it can kill! The unit works
with fire and it produces a flammable explosive gas! Common sense along with safety guidelines must be followed such as do not use this around flammable liquids, propane cylinders, or any other flammable materials. This should only be used outside with plenty of fresh air.  Keeping a fire extinguisher near by would be a plus.  Once again, you build this at your own risk! That means that the webmaster (me) along with any others who choose to contribute their work(s) to this website will not be held responsible in ANY WAY for any death or injury to you or to others or for any damage to your personal property or to others property whatsoever. If there are any questions as to what this disclaimer means, contact me.
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