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These are some gasifier videos from my youtube channel. This is a project that caught my attention a little over 30 years ago
before computers and youtube were a common thing like they are today. While sitting around with a friend of mine he told me
a story that his grandfather had shared with him about how Europe was forced to find an alternate fuel during WW2 when fuel
was scarce due to all of the gasoline going for the war effort. He was told by his grandfather that Europe switched their cars,
along with farm machinery, cranes for construction, delivery trucks and even airplanes over to a fuel made from burning wood.

That blew me away but the both of us were clueless because the word "wood gasifier" was never mentioned to him and by this time his grandfather was long deceased and as I mentioned, the internet was non existent much less youtube. We did not know where to start plus both of us were in our 20's and I was also traveling full-time as a musician so it never went any further until a year ago when I was on youtube user zerofosselfuel's channel and he was actually interviewing a guy who built and sold gasifiers and that's when the story from 30 years ago came rushing back into my head like a freight train! I was blown away to put it lightly.

I looked around and found youtube user's Josh Burks with his FEMA gasifier up and running and I built my first FEMA gasifier with some help and advise from him so many thanks goes out to Josh Burks. As I learned more about this old (new to me) technology I was motivated to build a cleaner Imbert gasifier but unlike the FEMA build, the Imbert plans were not only a bit more complicated but people were selling them for profit too so I decided to jump into this and fly by the seat of my pants and just wing "it".

I used ideas from both the FEMA and the Imbert build and I tinkered until I found what appeared to work. I felt that there were others like myself that may be interested in building a gasifier that was designed for the smaller engines that could be used for emergency power generation so here we are now and I'm still fine tuning and finalizing this build but the main thing that I want is this to be an open source FREE project and in the end I hope to see others take what I started and improve on the build and turn around and share their builds with others as I have done to help others get up and running without turmoil and discouragement.
How to construct video one
How to construct video two
How to construct video three
How to construct video four
Construct a woodgas carburetor
Construct the Tri-filter
A hand powered wood chunker
Generator running on yard waste
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03-15-2014 Gasifier now completed
03-31-2014 Firing it up with new mods!
04-06-2014 Stabler woodgas carburetor