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I don't know that much about Pascal or Luk or what their professions are but I can tell you this much, they both know their stuff and when you watch their youtube videos you'll understand why I made that statement. Their build is a unique design that is somewhat based on the FEMA concept but with a twist. They took a different approach to controlling tar by using the "DriZzleR" method. The way it basically works is they starve the ember bed of fuel and only feed the gasifier enough fuel to sustain it so the ember bed is never smothered in fuel and they accomplishes this by balancing the feeding of the fuel into the gasifier so just enough fuel is fed into the system to replace what the engine needs to run and what they wind up with is an ultra HOT ember bed with a much lower production of tar to have to crack plus this setup is very efficient at cracking and managing the remaining tars. Not only is this mechanical build impressive but so is both Luk's and Pascals method of producing a clean robust woodgas. My hats of to the both of you. Check out their website link below
Touch the "flaming pyrolysis"
DriZzleR gasifier test run
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The DriZzleR Gasifier quick startup.
First test of the "Pyrotouch"
Running VW 1.6 on woodgas
Filtered woodgas flare after 15 minutes